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Page Design Samples

For almost a decade now, I've worked professionally as a page designer creating layouts for newspapers. Below are samples of some of the work I've done.

Texas Jewish Post

As the Art Director at the Texas Jewish Post, I was responsible for the design & layout of each page and cover for each weekly issue. The tabloid page layout allowed for tight, modular designs easily adaptable to whatever stories each week might hold. 

I've designed well over 300 issues for this paper, so it's hard to pick out my favorites over the years. Below are some examples of what the paper's cover and interior might look like on any given week:

The Mercury

As the Graphics Director at the The Mercury, (the student newspaper of The University of Texas at Dallas) I was responsible for hiring and managing a team of about 15 graphic designers and illustrators to add flair to each bi-weekly issue. With not as many ads and a broadsheet layout, we were able to get more creative with each issue. 

The team created infographics, comics, political illustrations, artwork to accompany stories, and more. I started out as a team member myself upon entering the college, and worked my way up designing a little bit of everything that was needed. Once I was in a leadership position, I designed the front pages as well as various interior layouts alongside the section editors.

Below are some examples of some of the front pages I designed, as well as what the paper generally looked like. 

The full archive of The Mercury can be viewed here, my contributions started from Aug. 24th, 2015 - Dec. 4th, 2017.

D Magazine Mock-Up

personal project

As a study of other page layouts, I created a fake mock-up of a D Magazine cover and interior feature story across a few spreads. This was a project requested by the doctor featured in this story to see what he'd look like in a magazine with his medical story told. The number of photos on pages and other small changes are inconsistent with D Magazine's usual stylings, but the rest is matched as near-perfect as possible.

It now serves as an example of the kind of work I can do in a magazine format, rather than newsprint.

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