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I'm Chad Austin, a passionate gameplay designer focusing on fluid user experiences throughout every step of my projects.


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All my life I've created small little games, physical or digital simply for my own fun. Design has always been a passion of mine, which first lead me to the field of graphic design and soon after Game Design itself. I got a degree in Game Development through the School of Arts & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. 

With my skills in graphics and experience within teams, I went into the newspaper industry as an Art Director, 
dictating the design and experience of weekly print issues.

When not doing that, I'm always working on a personal project, prepping my next session of Dungeons & Dragons, studying the design of games, or walking my dogs at the local park.

I'm on the lookout for new opportunities to work with a team on awesome projects, so feel free to get in contact with me if I can be of assistance!



Contact Me!

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My Work

Below you'll see some featured prototypes of mine, where I've delved into the minutiae of what makes the ideas within them awesomeClick on a prototype that interests you to learn more!

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"Radar Harvest"

< prototype 1 >

An unsettling top-down analog-style shooter where you kill monsters on an unknown planet, collect their organs,
and upgrade yourself before the next wave

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"The Heart of the Sea"

< prototype 2 >

main gif.gif

A seafaring visual novel with visible branching paths & noticeable impact of player choices, set in a moody ocean
with only your wits to guide you

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"Cyber Rush"

< prototype 3 >

rush demo.gif

A fast-paced speedrunner's game where you can swiftly teleport your character around to traverse & accumulate more speed
within a neon cyberspace

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"Cybervolley Ultrashow"

< prototype 4 >


A rhythm game where each beat is on time with a
fast-paced back and forth tennis volley against taunting gargantuan, lively opponents

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Game Jams

Below are a couple game jam games I worked on with a small group. They each were entered in the GMTK Game Jam on itch, and placed in the top 10 overall both years!

#9 / 6,764 entries

#6 / 6,054 entries

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D&D Maps

I've created a lot of custom fantasy maps for my D&D campaign over the many years I've been a dungeon master. Take a look!

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